Unlock the value of your data for a variety of business use-cases.

Manage data privacy with ease, with minimal human interaction, at maximum speed.


Manage data privacy, auto-magically and at scale.

Analytics & AI Models

Unlock valuable insights from personal or sensitive data, even from assets considered too risky to use, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Data Collaboration & Sharing

Effortlessly generate data ready for seamless migration to the cloud, secure sharing with third parties, or untapped monetization opportunities.

Test Data

Leverage privacy-compliant test data that is meticulously anonymized, ensuring individuals cannot be re-identified, while maintaining its utmost quality.


We have solutions for industries where processing personal data is a challenge.

Don't let compliance and risk get in the way of innovation.


Retain the utility of rejected loan application datasets and enhance credit scoring models while complying with restrictive data retention limitations.


Enable collaboration among institutions on collective patient data for improved research, without exposing individual patient data.


Analyze customer datasets for personalized policy pricing and risk assessment, all while protecting policyholder information.

Retail & CPG

Analyze customer behaviour across various stores, offer tailored experiences, and optimize operations while ensuring data security and privacy.


Predict demand from consumption datasets, while keeping individual households' usage details anonymous.


Derive insights from diverse data sources for predictive vehicle maintenance, without disclosing confidential customer information.

Take the next step with AlterID and unlock new data horizons.

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