AlterID Protect

Safeguard privacy through automated format-preserving encryption, and unlock insights and value even from assets previously deemed too risky to use.


Protect personal data automatically through masking, tokenization and gradual anonymization.

Gradual anonymization and state-of-the-art privacy-enhancing technologies, to shield your from risk.

Automated Data Privacy Management

AlterID Protect's Gradual Anonymisation provides the flexibility to tailor the level of utility based on your specific business use case. Safely process personal and sensitive data while ensuring compliance with industry standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI.

Fast integration  with your Existing Stack

With support for multiple tabular and relational databases, AlterID Protect seamlessly integrates within your existing data infrastructure, allowing you to leverage your existing tools and processes without disruption.


Key Capabilities

Automated PII Detection

Discover direct identifiers (PII, PCI and PHI) as defined by privacy regulations.

Gradual Anonymization

Automate personal data anonymization through format preserving encryption to create data clones at various degrees of privacy-utility.

Masking & Tokenization

Protect direct identifiers through masking and seamlessly retain utility from sensitive data without compromising data privacy through our tokenization engine.

Simplified compliance

AlterID Protect logs every data transformation parameter so you can simply understand and prove compliance for your sensitive data processing.


Built to integrate within your infrastructure


"Privacy Enhancing Technologies enable safe data sharing and allow organisations to make the best use of the personal data they hold, driving innovation."

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

AlterID Protect FAQs

What is AlterID Protect ?

AlterID is a software that automates anonymization together with other data transformation tasks required for safe personal data processing in compliance with applicable privacy regulations.

How is AlterID deployed?

AlterID is a software suite deployed through container based virtual machines (docker, docker swarm or kubernetes) within the technical environment of its clients.

What type of data does AlterID support?

AlterID can process structured data from any Tabular or Relational database.

Is data ever shared with AlterID?

No. The data remains with the client's infrastructure; nothing is ever shared with AlterID.

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