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Protecting children's privacy rights

Protecting children's privacy rights

Protecting children's online privacy is increasingly critical as more kids go online, raising risks of misuse or exploitation, modern privacy regulations like GDPR recognize their fundamental right to privacy. Any organization handling children's data must prfioritize strong privacy measures which safeguards children’s data, to help them uphold the highest privacy standards when handling children's information, we are making AlterID Protect free to any organizations processing children's data.

Amine Melouk
August 24, 2023

The challenges to children’s privacy

In the fast-paced digital era, protecting children's online privacy has unquestionably become a top concern for both regulators and organisations handling children’s data. As the number of children going online grows exponentially, it consequently brings complex challenges and questions surrounding children’s privacy and data, without mentioning the growing risk of data breaches and exploitation making children the most vulnerable under such circumstances.

Why is protecting children’s privacy important?

Respecting children’s privacy rights is respecting fundamental human rights, as not all children can navigate the digital world safely, despite the ongoing efforts of their caregivers. Unauthorised access to children’s personal data can lead to identity theft, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, or even worse, facilitate bad actors to pose as someone else, such as a friend, in order to gain trust and prey on the child.

While most modern organizations’ sustainability depends on the collection and use of data  to deliver personalized services, those catering to children must prioritize data protection measures to build long-term trust among young consumers and their families.

AlterID’s commitment to protect children’s data

Protecting data in every environment is a GDPR prerogative, and while all the muscle usually goes to production environements, staging and development environment are left with more relaxed privacy and security measures. Unformtunately, that is where most of the risks reside, leading very often to harsh reputational or financial consequences.

This is what AlterID Protect adresses, allowing to automate most of the tasks required for safe data processing :

  1. Advanced automated  PII data detection capabilities, identifying and masking personal information, this ensures compliance with privacy regulations while keeping sensitive data secure.
  2. Automated format preserving anonymization of indirect identifiers allowing the generation of production-grade test data that seamlessly align with existing tooling and processes.

We have described in this blog post how AlterID Protect can help get compliant data to users faster while nullifying the consequences of any data breach.

As a parent, I have been looking at the issue, not only as a privacy professional, but through the lens of how my kids data is collected and handled, we all agree there is an issue, we have a solution, and we are making it available for free.

Deploy AlterID protect for non-production environments for free

To demonstrate our commitment to protecting children’s data, we have decided to offer our solution for free for any organizations providing products and services to children.

If you deal with children’s data, join our endeavor to safeguarding your data. Contact us today and let’s get you started.

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Amine Melouk

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