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Empowering organisations to leverage the full potential of their data - safely.

Empowering organisations to leverage the full potential of their data - safely.

Amine Melouk
July 6, 2023

Where It All Started

I’m sure we’ll all agree that privacy is a fundamental human right. Well we believe so should be the right to leverage data for making informed decisions.

This stemmed from the challenges we faced in our previous work lifes - I spent most of my career in ad-tech, an industry where data is paramount and the absolute trigger for performance. However, the wave of modern privacy regulations rendered building data-driven products and services mutually exclusive with the need to provide and maintain data systems where access, privacy, and ethical use of data were at the core.

My co-founders Adil and Nicolas have had similar experiences, respectively building large language models for Bixby, Samsung's “Siri”, or analysing vast troves of data at the OECD.

Addressing Data-Driven Challenges

In today's digital economies, consumer data has become increasingly abundant due to the rise of smartphones, social media, and online shopping. Emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, and AI further complicate the landscape, posing challenges for data security and privacy.

Organisations must continually adapt their practices to make data-driven decisions, however, privacy-focused regulations, costly data breaches, and security concerns pose obstacles to achieving a fair data-driven future.

Introducing The Privacy Line

We believe the solution is rooted in mathematics and code. Data should be immunised against risk at any time, when at rest, but most importantly, when it is in use.

Delivering the optimal balance between privacy and information utility has probably been the oldest challenge in statistical disclosure control and while the theoretical field is promising, building practical compute-efficient enterprise ready applications has proved to be extremely challenging, that’s exactly what AlterID solved with the first cryptographic technique capable of achieving this goal.

Built on a strong academic foundation, our approach is to use privacy-enhancing tools that can guarantee mathematical trade-offs between privacy and utility for specific data use cases.

Organisations can now evaluate data privacy and utility in a way that is safe and effective, and finally optimally leverage their full data potential without compromising sensitive information, maintaining high levels of privacy and security.

spectrum of identification
Safely navigating the privacy line ie. the spectrum of re-identification.

Immediate applications are for organisations in Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and Retail in search for solutions for secure migration to the cloud, data sharing with third parties, or seeking to create additional data-driven revenue streams. 

We have engineered solutions that are designed to be a faster, less cumbersome alternative to advanced rule-based privacy controls to get utility from data.

Our Approach: Re-aligning Data usage, Security, and Compliance

We understand that striking the right balance between data privacy, security, and compliance can be a daunting task for organisations.

We are taking a pragmatic approach to help you unlock the value of your data, with two product that enable measuring and controlling your privacy exposure.

  1. AlterID Assess, an automated tool to quantify your privacy and re-identification risks and bias with easy to understand metrics.
  2. AlterID Protect that delivers optimal privacy through automated format preserving encryption, to effectively leverage insights and value even from assets previously deemed too risky to use.

Both products seamlessly integrate on existing data architecture and have been designed so that nothing is ever shared with us, additionally, format preservation allow our clients our to continue using their existing tools and processes for managing data privacy, with minimal impact on current practices. 

This makes our products a valuable addition to any data management system, providing a flexible and adaptable solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business use case.

How to get started?

Both AlterID Assess and AlterID Protect are packaged as containers that can be run within your infrastructure, on premise, or in a trusted cloud environment for maximum flexibility in how you use our software to gain operational efficiency, reduce time to quality-data and unlock innovation.

By booking a demo today, you can see first-hand how our software can help you achieve your goals – faster, safer than ever before.

Stay data-driven, efficiently & safely,

Amine Melouk

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